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Welcome to my world, where we’re ditching the rulebook, spreading good vibes and enthusiastically leaping into the joys of artistic freedom!

I am an abstract artist working in collage, textiles, books and other mixed media. In this space you’ll find a growing gallery of artwork that’s anything but traditional. I love to experiment and discover unexpected beauty in the most normal things.

You’ll also find workshops designed to help you move into a delightful creative space. This is a place where paint meets paper, ink and texture play tag, and there’s no such thing as too much fun!

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Take a Creative Break

We all need to take Creative Breaks for our mental acuity and emotional well-being. Whether or not you’re the CEO of a business, I think you’ll agree that You are the boss of You and you’re the one in charge of making good choices for yourself and your life. That includes not only ensuring that you maintain a high-quality mindset but also that creativity and play are incorporated into your world in healthy doses.

Creative Breaks for Bosses™ is the place where you can do just that! Whether you need a quick creative break or you want a more in-depth multi-week workshop, you can find something new and inspiring here to develop and flex your creative neural networks. By tapping the visual arts, you’ll get an opportunity to explore the world around you with different eyes. Creativity and play are high-value assets in everyone’s life that need to be embraced and cultivated.

Check out what’s on the current schedule.

Take a Creative Break


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Meet Cass


Cass Mullane, the creative, artistic, smart and sassy owner of Prosper Creatively, walks you through the important work of establishing a quality mindset and introducing healthy doses of creativity and play into all you do.

Cass is a creative mastermind to her core. She has nearly twenty-five years of experience in the corporate world and understands entrepreneurship on every level.

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The Cool Stuff Jar: Three Simple Ways to Live a Happier Life by Cass Mullane

Cass’s Book

The Cool Stuff Jar: Three Simple Ways to Live a Happier Life

Did you know that I’ve written an international bestseller? Yep! It’s all about how a simple shift in your mindset plus increased doses of creativity and play can result in major improvements in your business and in your life.

About the Book

Creative Breaks: Your Healthy Dose of Fun!

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing! Cass delivers workshops that provide an escape from the ordinary and challenge attendees with mind-expanding activities.