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Are you ready to feel confident, determined, and excited about the direction you’re headed in your business and life?

Create unity, flow, and prosperity through embracing both sides of your mind with guidance in exploring your love of the linear and your calling to be creative. Challenge both sides of the brain to welcome a new perspective that will release the pressures holding you back from determining next steps in your business and life.

Right Brain / Left Brain

Whether you consider yourself right-brain or left-brain dominant, it’s easy to refer to familiar behaviors when navigating the challenges of an entrepreneurial lifestyle… and we all know there are challenges! This can lead to repeating familiar patterns and feeling that you are stuck or something is out of whack in your business and life.

Feeling Out of Whack?

Here’s what being out of whack feels like:

Prosper Creatively

Regain that Joy

Cass helps you to regain joy through embracing both sides of your mind, the creative and the analytical, so that you can continually prosper in all areas of your life. In-flow, action-state:

  • Aligned
  • Giving
  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Powerful
  • Confident
  • Stress-free
  • Effective

Work with Cass

Move into action in your business and life with simple mindset adjustments along with healthy doses of creativity and play through retreats, workshops and coaching. Whether you’re ready for a creative break, a Mind Monkey® overhaul or need some direction on how to make the next right move, Cass is ready to help you! For the last sixteen years, Cass has been working with business owners to shift their thinking so they can see new possibilities and open up to innovation. Her favorite ways to accomplish this are through retreats, workshops and coaching.

Meet Cass


Cass Mullane, the creative, artistic, smart and sassy owner of Prosper Creatively, walks you through the important work of establishing a quality mindset and introducing healthy doses of creativity and play into all you do.

Cass is a creative mastermind to her core. She has nearly twenty-five years of experience in the corporate world and understands entrepreneurship on every level.

Learn More About Cass

Workshops: Your Healthy Dose of Fun!

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing! Cass delivers workshops that provide an escape from the ordinary and challenge attendees with mind-expanding activities that will offer clarity in the next step of your business and life.